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Examples for Writing Thank You Notes

The examples are to help you write your thank you notes.
Thank you cards can not be ordered with pre-printed text inside.

Thank you for sharing
a very special moment in my life.
Your congratulations
and thoughtfulness
has meant so much to me.
As I graduate,
a new journey begins.
I thank you for your kindness,
thoughtfulness and prayers.
Support and generosity
of family and friends
will always be remembered as
I explore new goals
and work toward new achievements.
In appreciation of
your special acknowledgement,
thank you for recognizing
my achievement.
I would like to thank you,
my family and friends,
for treasured memories and loving support
throughout my education and graduation.
Graduation reminds me
of everyone who has touched my life.
The gift of their presence
and acknowledgement
is truly appreciated.

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